Chatroulette hack tool which I use to spy on girls

Chatroulette hack tool that I use to spy on girls

I think it’s time to introduce my hack tool which I use to spy on girls in random videochat (similar to Chatroulette).
I’ve recorded a video with many explanations of how I’m using this tool. Check it and answer your questions (if you have any).

In this post I want to duplicate some tips from the video and add some more important information (including the ways you can try the tool).

Who I can spy on

First of all, my chatroulette hack tool doesn’t allow to spy on anyone I want. I need an ID of a person I want to spy on. The question is – where to get an ID? The answer is – in chat roulette.

My hack tool connects to one of many chat roulette servers. In this part my application works as usual webcam chat in your browser – I can start seeking for strangers, skip the people I don’t like and communicate with those who I like. But the communication is only by webcam and microphone: I’m not able to write to a stranger and recieve text messages from strangers. Actually it is possible to develop this functionality and implement into my app, but it is not my goal. My goal is spying on naughty girls.

Spy window

So how it works generally.
While I’m spending some time using my app and skipping people – I see IDs of all people I meet. IDs appear under stranger’s roulette window.
I can take it and paste into field in upper-left corner of the application for spying. To simplify the flow I implemented “Spy Current” and “Spy Previous” buttons which allow not to copy strangers’ IDs: I just click on appropriate button when I want to spy on current or previous partner.
When I start spying – a new window with a video from stranger’s webcam appears. I call it “spy window”. What can I do with it:
– move it;
– change it’s size;
– enable and disable sounds;
– reconnect to stranger’s webcam (because the connection to the video server is not always stable, so it takes time to load video from webcam and if it takes too much time – I need to click on “Refresh” button).
Because of bad connection the good idea is not to close empty (gray) spy windows: it is possible that video is still loading. You can press “Refresh” button, but do not do it often for the same spy window (one click in 15-20 second is enough). Also do not click “Refresh” for more than 2 spy windows at the same time: none of them will be loaded successfully.

What if naughty girl skips me before I get her ID

There is an area under “” logo for this purpose. There you can see IDs of your 8 last partners. So do not worry if you miss beautiful boobs – you can get them back from IDs history area.
Such situation happens in the video above about my tool. I meet a girl, but then miss her ID and need to find it in history.

What if naughty girl leaves chat roulette

There is nothing you can do about it. When a girl disconnects from roulette server, it is not possible to use her ID anymore. I can only close the spy window of this girl and search for a new one. And what if the same girl comes to chat roulette again? Bad news again – she will have a new ID. It is almost impossible to meet her again by clicking “Next” button, because there are too many strangers online. Most likely she is already teasing and masturbating for another stranger, but I can’t do anything about that.
If the girl leaves while you are spying – her video freezes and transforms into an image. I can click “Refresh” button, but it doesn’t work if there is no girl in webcam chat anymore (and it happens in most cases).

Who is my partner?

The correct question should be “Am I sure that my partner have a video?”. In my chatroulette hack tool you can see special messages which inform me about stranger’s camera status.
Possible values:
1) “No camera”.
This means that a partner doesn’t have camera at all. So I don’t wait for a video and immediately go to the next partner.
2) “No access to camera”.
This message means that a partner doesn’t allow webcam chat to use his/her webcam.
I prefer not to immediately skip such partners: I open a new spy window with their ID and wait until webcam video appears. It could happen if a partner finally allows access, but it happens only in 30% cases. But it is worth doing: I often meet horny girls by this way.
3) “Camera is inactive”.
It means that there are some problems with stranger’s webcam. But as in previous case it is possible to see this stranger after some time, but it happens rarely, so I usually skip such partners.

If I don’t see any of these messages, it is likely that I will see a video of a stranger.
But sometimes instead of real people I see fake videos. I think it is easy to define is my partner real or not. We all often face such task while spending time in actual Chatroulette. With my tool it becomes much easier. It’s because fake videos are repeated for every new stranger. So if I see that in spy window there is a girl doing the same things again and again – it is definitely fake.

The second place goes to “black” box. This means that a stranger covers his/her webcamera with something dark. In most cases there is a man with a dick behind the curtains. So if the black box isn’t changed in a minute – I close such spy windows.

Also sometimes there is no video of a current partner, and no messages. I see just gray box with nothing, but it doesn’t always mean that there is no actual video. Again, it can be caused by bad connection to the video server. So I click “Spy Current” button and go to next partner while the video is loading in a separate spy window. If the video is not loaded after some time – I close it, because it only takes space on the screen.

What about the readhead girl from the video?

I promised a video with her boobs and I will upload it later. You will see this video on my site soon.
UPD: I promised and I keep my promises. I’ve just created a post with this video, enjoy:

Your tool is fake, you just post videos from random webcam chats

If you think that my chatroulette hack tool is fake and doesn’t work – you can just try my videos from this site.
In some of them girls are teasing for multiple partners. In example:

Amazing teenager chatroulette striptease (boobs perfect)
This hot teen is teasing for different strangers: the first one gets only her hot body, boobs in bra and ass in panties. But then the girl finds a better partner and shows him more.

Hot sexy girl shows all in dark in chatroulette
This hot girl starts masturbating for a partner, then the partner skips her, she stops the roulette, goes away for a moment, returns back and starts searching for a new stranger, finally founds a new one and masturbates again.

Horny hot teen is teasing in chatroulette (no nude)
This teen is spending time in random webcam chat by laughing at strangers: she pretends to be masturbating and then we can see that there is something else between her legs. And she does the same actions multiple times for different strangers.

What is more, I will be posting more screencasts of spying using my hack tool. So do not miss them if you are interested.

Be sure, it was hard to create such tool. Webcam chat developers implemented a good security checks for their application, so I spent many days trying to break through the chat defence.
That’s why sometimes my chatroulette hack tool gets stuck with “Searching…” message. It means that roulette server doesn’t like the connection with my hack tool and refuses it. So I need to click on “Reconnect” button to create a new connection. And it will work until the server refuses it again.

How can I try your tool?

I know that you are looking for this question. And at this moment the answer is: there is no way.
At this moment.
Currently my chatroulette hack tool is not ready yet, I’m improving it everyday for more smooth usability. Also, now it can be run only from my IDE.
But I’m sure that later I will develop a version for distribution.
If you think that you are an appropriate person to be the second owner of such powerful application – do not hesitate to contact me ( and we may discuss our partnership. But I’m opened only for really big deals. If I send my tool for everyone – webcam chat developers may get it and fix vulnerabilities in their application. So there be will only multiple people with exclusive rights to spy on any girl they meet in random videochat.

Use this form to contact me. Explain why do you want my tool and how much would you pay for it.