A message about new videos posting

Some of my site users may have noticed that new videos are posted on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. That’s an actual schedule and it will be used for future posts. It is based on my working days and some other real life events.
But now I want to say that there will be a short pause in uploading new chatroulette girls videos, because I’m working on improving my chatroulette hack tool. It seems that it will be ready in September for everyone (for money of course). Hovewer, I will continue posting videos soon (not in September) when I finish current active phase of developing.


    1. Hi Jake,
      Videochat developers made some improvements in their application, and it becomes a bit more difficult to use my hack tool. So I can’t share it right now until I implement a few fixes. I set a deadline for myself approximately in October, but I’m not sure that it’s enough time. However, I can consider exclusive rights for using the tool for a few special persons if they offer a really big deal (in this case I will do everything faster).

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